Our Story



My wife and I were both born and raised in Vermont to families that “sugar” during “mud season.” Growing up, this was both of our favorite times of the year. As my father’s family came to be able to make a living producing maple syrup, I greatly desired to be a part of that too. I have been producing maple syrup ever since I was old enough to lift a bucket of sap off the tree and dump it into the holding tank. I wanted to have my own maple farm to share with my sons and now that dream has become a reality. 

Our commitment to quality

 We believe in pure, unblended maple syrup. It is the only thing we will use and the only thing we want to provide to consumers. The large distributers buy from local farmers, mixing the tastiest syrup, and the not so tasty, producing a less than optimal product. In our family travels we noticed that unblended syrup is hard to come by outside of New England, and the northern-most states that are able to produce maple syrup. So we have made it our mission to bring the best to the mid-south and the mid-west. We look forward to serving your family