Maple Syrup Grades


Why are there Different Maple Syrup Grades & What do they Mean?

Syrup grades do not indicate the quality of the syrup, but rather it's color and flavor.  Lighter syrups are produced earlier in the season and have a more delicate flavor and thinner consistency. Darker syrups are produced at the end of the season and have a more concentrated, robust flavor and thicker consistency.  In the end it is all about your personal preference.

Golden Color & Delicate Taste (Formerly Vermont Fancy)

The lightest of the grades, this delicate syrup is great on fruit and ice cream.

Amber Color & Rich Flavor (Formerly Grade A Medium & Dark Amber)

Slightly darker than Fancy syrup, this grade is considered the standard for pancakes.

Dark Color & Robust Flavor (Formerly Grade B)

With a thicker consistency and robust flavor, this grade pairs well with oatmeal and is great on top of yogurt.

Very Dark & Strong Flavor (Formerly Grade C)

With an almost molasses like consistency, this grade is great for cooking.